Colour in art

Colour in art

Editorial: ludion

Páginas: 320

Año: 2012

EAN: 9789461300614

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Every clolur has many aspects, many variations, and many meanings. Red, for instance, can mean passion, or suffering, or anger. How are these aspects represented in works of art from cave painting to Titian and Bosch to Matisse and Warhol?. Painters use colours to convey a message as much as they do for surface appeal. In design and fashion, colour is omnipresent as well, but incredibly varied in its significance. Focusing on the most important colours in art- red, blue, yelow, black, white, green, and glod- and including discussion of their chemical properties, the science of optics, symbolism and more, "Colour in Art", enhances our understandin of colour through some 200 beautifully reproduced artworks.