The Mind And Its Depths

The Mind And Its Depths

Editorial: Harvard

Páginas: 214

Año: 1994

EAN: 9780674576124

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1. The sheep and the ceremony; 2. The ends of life and the preliminari²es of morality: John Stuart Mill and Isaiah Berlin; 3. The good self a²nd the bad self: the moral psychology of british idealism and the engl²ish school of psycoanalysis compared; 4. The bodily ego; 5. Psychology²materialism and the special case of sexuality; 6. Desire, belief and²professor Grünbaums' Freud; 7. Crime, punishment and Pale Criminalisty²8. Art, interpretation and preception; 9. Correspondance, projective p²roperties and expression in the arts; 10. Representation: the philosop²hical contribution to psychology; 11. Pictorial styel: two views; 12. ²Pictures and language