The Gap of Time. Hogarth Shakespeare Project

The Gap of Time. Hogarth Shakespeare Project

Editorial: Hogarth

Páginas: 289

Año: 2015

EAN: 9781781090305

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New Bohemia. America. A storm. A black man finds a white baby abandoned in the night. He gathers her up – light as a star – and decides to take her home. London. England. After the financial crash. Leo Kaiser knows how to make money but he doesn´t know how to manage the jealousy he feels towards his best friend and his wife. Is the newborn baby even his? New Bohemia. 17 years later. A boy and a girl are falling in love but there´s a lot they don´t know about who they are and where they come from. Jeanette Winterson´s cover version of The Winter´s Tale vibrates with echoes of the original but tells a contemporary story where Time itself is a player in a game of high stakes that will either end in tragedy or forgiveness. It shows us that however far we have been separated, whatever is lost shall be found.