Daniel García Andújar. Operating System

Daniel García Andújar. Operating System

Editorial: REINA SOFIA

Páginas: 215

Año: 2015

EAN: 9788480265065

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This catalogue delves deeper into the work of visual artist, theorist and activist Daniel G. Andújar, also considered one of the biggest representatives of net.art in Spain. Andújar is interested in building a cultural discourse through digital media and information and media technology, operating from public space and making use of the city and the net as territories for developing his work. Along this line, social and power relations are found in a system of negotiation that is permanently being redefined. The publication includes different projects developed by the artist from 1994 to 2014, along with five texts that analyse, from different focal points, the meaning of these works.

Daniel G. Andújar (Almoradí, 1966) is a visual artist, theorist and activist that is difficult to classify, and is considered one of the most pre-eminent representatives of Internet art in Spain. With an interest in constructing a cultural discourse through digital media and IT and communication technologies, the artist operates from public space, making use of the city and the Network as territories from which to conduct his work. Along these lines, social relations and power are found under a system of negotiation that is permanently being redefined, manifesting, through IT systems, inequalities and discussions generated in these relations. The vast majority of the works included in this exhibition are new productions, yet there are also significant pieces that date back to the beginning of the 1990s, where the constants can be noted in a career that not only uses a collective work method and a form of questioning aimed more at users than viewers, but also demonstrates the patent conversion and critical re-use of tools, formats and communicative aesthetics that already exist in advertising and the mass media.

Authors: Jacob Lillemose, Iris Dressler, Javier de la Cueva, José Luis Pardo, Alberto López Cuenca, Isidoro Valcárcel Medina
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