Looking, finding, living, sharing

Looking, finding, living, sharing

Editorial: AECOC

Páginas: 332

Año: 2018

EAN: 9788409151516

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Looking, Finding, Living, Sharing is the first monograph publication of Ian Waelder, conceived as a map of connections and intimate links between documentation of his work and his personal life.
For Waelder the line between the art practice and the daily life events is often more and more inaudible and the publication aims to underline this diaristic aspect through a labyrinthine structure that leads the reader into three different sections: Diary, Texts and Illustrated Works (2013 - 2019).
This book includes an insert poster and texts and interventions by Maïly Beyrens, Lucía Marcote, Adriana A. Leanza, Sonia Fernández Pan and Javier González Pesce.