Rich in Russia

Rich in Russia

Editorial: Penguin

Páginas: 78

Año: 2011

EAN: 9780141196251

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´There, in Russia five years ago, when Cuba had been taken out of the oven to cool and Vietnam was still coming to a simmer, Bech did find a quality of life - impoverished yet ceremonial, shabby yet ornate, sentimental, embattled, and avuncular-reminiscent of his neglected Jewish past.´ In these two short stories, Updike’s brilliant observational acuity is matched by a light, comic touch. The writer Henry Bech travels to Europe on a hapless cultural exchange, first to Russia, where he struggles to spend his money when everything – from his meals to his bugged hotel room – is already paid for, and then to Rumania This book includes Rich In Russia, Foreword, Bech in Rumania, Appendix A and Appendix B.