Collected Lyrics

Collected Lyrics

Editorial: Bloomsbury

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Año: 2015

EAN: 9781408863015

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An essential new collection of the lyrics of Patti Smith, writer, artist and musician, author of the international bestseller Just Kids 2015 marks the fortieth anniversary of Patti Smith´s seminal album Horses. To celebrate, Smith and her band will embark on an international tour. Sony will release a box set of Smith´s entire catalogue. And Bloomsbury will publish a revised, updated edition of Smith´s lyric collection. This new edition will include around thirty-six new songs including songs from Banga; songs written with Sam Shephard, for Blue Oyster Cult and Piss Factory; for the films Hunger Games, Noah and Rum Diary; political songs published online, and songs for her new album. It will be illustrated with cover art for each album.