Big brother

Big brother

Editorial: Collins

Páginas: 371

Año: 2013

EAN: 9780007299492

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The new novel from the Orange Prize-winning author of We Need to Talk About Kevin. When Pandora picks up her older brother Edison at her local Iowa airport, she literally doesn´t recognize him. The once slim, hip New York jazz pianist has gained hundreds of pounds. What happened? Soon Edison´s slovenly habits, appalling diet, and know-it-all monologues are driving Pandora and her fitness-freak husband Fletcher insane. After the brother-in-law has more than overstayed his welcome, Fletcher delivers his wife an ultimatum: it´s him or me. Rich with Shriver´s distinctive wit and ferocious energy, Big Brother is about fat: why we overeat and whether extreme diets ever really work. It asks just how much sacrifice we´ll make to save single members of our families, and whether it´s ever possible to save loved ones from themselves...