Respect in a world of inequality

Respect in a world of inequality

Editorial: Norton

Páginas: 288

Año: 2003

EAN: 9780393051261

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In this dazzling blend of personal memoir and reflective scholarships, the author addresses need and social responsability across the gulf of inequality. In the uncertain world of "flexible" social relationships, all are troubled by issues of respect. Opening with a recollection of growing up in Chicago´s infamous Cabrini Green housing project, Sennett explores the factors that make mutual respect so difficult to achieve. First, unequal talent: Sennett acknowledges that even in a perfect world, inequalities of ability will remain. Second, adult dependency: the dependent face challenges in earning both self-respect and respect from others, Third, degrading forms of compassion: both impersonal bureaucracy and intrusive volunteerism.