Lamentations of Youth. The Diaries of Gershom Scholem 1913-1919

Lamentations of Youth. The Diaries of Gershom Scholem 1913-1919

Editorial: Harvard

Páginas: 374

Año: 2008

EAN: 9780674026698

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For decades, Gershom Scholem kept these diaries locked away, returning to them only to refresh his memory of past events and eloquent observations. They remained unread by others until the meticulously edited German edition of this book appeared in 2002.
Lamentations of Youth gives insight into a crucial stage in Scholem´s life, beginning when he was a student in Berlin during the First World War, a time of incubation and growth for his later ideas. Much of the journal writing, however, took place in Switzerland, a magnet for radical artists, socialist intellectuals, and revolutionaries fleeing war. The diaries are where Scholem forges his anarchic orthodoxy, and where he chronicles his intense relationship with Walter Benjamin. Many entries have the crisp quality of literary aphorisms crafted in the great German tradition of Kafka and Canetti.
For Scholem and Benjamin, the time they spent together in Switzerland spawned an astoundingly original view of literary criticism, interpretation, and cultural transmission. More personally, the themes of friendship, love, and heartbreak that dominate these pages later reemerge in Scholem´s scholarship. No longer is the inner life of the critic seen as distinct from his textual criticism--they are deeply and esoterically intertwined.

Part I. A Zarathustra for the Jews: Winter 1913–January 1916
Part II. Blue-White Spectacles: March–December 1916
Part III. The Idiot: January 1917–April 1918
Part IV. Job´s Lamentation: May 1918–August 1919
Conclusion: Melancholy Redemption, 1919–1981