Mind, Language, and Metaphilosophy

Mind, Language, and Metaphilosophy

Editorial: Cambridge UP

Páginas: 326

Año: 2014

EAN: 9781107612297

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This volume presents a selection of the philosophical essays which Richard Rorty wrote during the first decade of his career, and complements four previous volumes of his papers published by Cambridge University Press. In this long neglected body of work, which many leading philosophers still consider to be his best, Rorty develops his views on the nature and scope of philosophy in a manner which supplements and elucidates his definitive statement on these matters in Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature. He also develops his groundbreaking version of eliminative materialism, a label first coined to describe his position, and sets out original views on various central topics in the philosophy of language, concerning private language, indeterminacy, and verificationalism. A substantial introduction examines Rorty´s philosophical development from 1961 to 1972. The volume completes our understanding of Rorty´s intellectual trajectory and offers lucid statements of positions which retain their relevance to current debates.