Sovereign City: The City-State through History.

Sovereign City: The City-State through History.

Editorial: Reaktion

Páginas: 253

Año: 2004

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1 Nation, Empire and City: A Geopolitical Typology of States. 2 The Birth of the City-State. 3 The Ancient Greek "Polis". 4 The Hellenistic Foundations. 5 No Mean City: Rome from "Urbs" to "Imperium". 6 "Serenissima": Venice and the City-States of the Adriatic. 7 Bishops, Dukes and republics: The City-States of Rennaisance Italy. 8 Princes, Bishops and Republics: Cities and Cities and City-Satte in Russia. 9 The German "Hanse". 10 The "Comunidades" of Castile. 11 City, Province and Nation in the Netherlands. 12 Third Rome versus City Republics: MOscow, Novrgorod and the Baltic. 13 The Fall and Rise of the "Hanse" Cities. 14 The Globalization of the City-State. Epilogue: The Ideal and the Reality.