Between the sky and my head

Between the sky and my head

Editorial: Konig

Páginas: 205

Año: 2009

EAN: 9783865605313

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Ono presents instruction pieces from 1961 to the present, including three scores from her iconic 1964 artist´s book, Grapefruit--"Drinking Piece for Orchestra," "Bicycle Piece for Orchestra" and "Painting to Be Slept On"--which are republished here for the first time. Ono has explained the origin of these works: "...sometimes for financial reasons, sometimes for technical difficulties, I could never realize all the ideas which were literally bombarding me. But now, I could just write instructions. It freed me." Also included are more than 100 drawings from Franklin Summer, a series begun in 1994, comprising 1,400 inkblot drawings on paper, and Vertical Memory (1997)--dedicated to Ono´s father--a photograph in 21 parts depicting a distorted face. The piece, which Ono considers her best, is a culmination of her life´s work.