Time for revolution

Time for revolution

Editorial: Continuum

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Año: 2003

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The two key essays by Antonio Negri brought together here were written in prison two decades apart. Time for Revolution illuminates the course of Negri´s thinking from the 1980s to Empire and beyond. It reflects Negri´s abiding interest in the philosophy of time and resistance. The first essay is a central work in Negri´s oeuvre, tracing the fracture lines which force capitalist society into perpetual crisis. The second essay, written immediately after Empire, provides a conceptual toolbox, deepening our understanding of the two key concepts of empire and multitude. Time for Revolution explores the issue of our times: is there still a place for resistance in a society utterly subsumed by capitalism?
Contents: Time for Revolution 1 The Constitution of Time: Preamble; I. First Dislocation - the time of subsumed being; First Construction - collective time A; First Construction - collective time B; Second Construction - productive time A; Second Construction - productive time B; Third Construction ; constitutive time A; Third Construction - constitutive time B; Second Dislocation - the time of the revolution W; Third Dislocation - the time of the revolution Y; afterword. Time for Revolution 2 Kairos, Alma Venus, Multitudo: Introduction; Kairos; Alma Venus; Multitudo.