Cleopatra and Frankenstein

Cleopatra and Frankenstein

Editorial: Collins

Páginas: 368

Año: 2022

EAN: 9780008421779

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New York is slipping from Cleo´s grasp. Sure, she´s at a different party every other night, but she barely knows anyone. Her student visa is running out, and she doesn´t even have money for cigarettes. But then she meets Frank. Twenty years older, Frank´s life is full of all the success and excess that Cleo´s lacks. He offers her the chance to be happy, the freedom to paint, and the opportunity to apply for a green card. She offers him a life imbued with beauty and art-and, hopefully, a reason to cut back on his drinking. He is everything she needs right now. Cleo and Frank run head-first into a romance that neither of them can quite keep up with. It reshapes their lives and the lives of those around them, whether that´s Cleo´s best friend struggling to embrace his gender identity in the wake of her marriage, or Frank´s financially dependent sister arranging sugar daddy dates after being cut off. Ultimately, this chance meeting between two strangers outside of a New Year´s Eve party changes everything, for better or worse...
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