Nose Dive: A Field Guide to the World´s Smells

Nose Dive: A Field Guide to the World´s Smells

Editorial: Hodder

Páginas: 654

Año: 2020

EAN: 9780340963227

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Nose Dive is the amazing result: it takes us on an adventure across four billion years and the whole globe, from the sulphurous early Earth to the fruit-filled Tian Shan mountain range north of the Himalayas, and back to the keyboard of your laptop, where trace notes of phenol and formaldehyde are escaping between the keys. A work of astounding scholarship and originality, Nose Dive distils the science behind smells and translates it into an accessible and entertaining sensory and olfactory guide. We´ll sniff the ordinary (wet pavement and cut grass) and extraordinary (ambergris and truffles), the delightful (roses and vanilla) and the challenging (swamplands and durians). We´ll smell each other. We´ll smell ourselves. Here is a story of the world, of all of the smells under our noses.