Overlay : Contemporary Art and the Art of Prehistory

Overlay : Contemporary Art and the Art of Prehistory

Editorial: New Press

Páginas: 272

Año: 1983

EAN: 9781565842380

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Back in print, "Overlay" is Lucy Lippard s classic book on contemporary art and its connection to prehistoric sites and symbols. Viewed by critics, artists, art historians, and students as the essential text on how prehistoric images have been overlayed onto contemporary art by today s artists, " Overlay" is for anyone interested in the possibility of reintegrating art into the fabric of society as a whole, as in prehistoric times.

From megalithic monuments such as Stonehenge to Richard Long s minimalism, from the earliest examples of cave drawings to Ana Mendieta s Cuban site art, from the matriarchal fertility rituals of the ancient Celts to Judy Chicago s "Dinner Party," Lippard shows a continuum in the forms, materials, symbols, and imagery that artists have employed for thousands of years.

Lavishly illustrated with over 320 black-and-white photographs and 8 pages of color images, "Overlay" includes the work of artists Carl Andre, Louise Bourgeois, Robert Smithson, Robert Morris, Charles Simonds, Mary Beth Edelson, Anna Sofaer, Michelle Stuart, Sol LeWitt, Ad Reinhardt, Alice Aycock, Nancy Holt, Emily Carr, Dennis Oppenheim, and many others.