Women, Fire and Dangerous Things

Women, Fire and Dangerous Things

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Año: 1987

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Acknowledgments Preface Book I: The Mind beyond the Machine
Part I: Categories and Cognitive Models
1. The Importance of Categorization
2. From Wittgenstein to Rosch
3. Prototype Effects in Language
4. Idealized Cognitive Models
5. Metonymic Models
6. Radical Categories
7. Features, Stereotypes, and Defaults
8. More about Cognitive Models
9. Defenders of the Classical View
10. Review
Part II: Philosophical Implications
11. The Objectivist Paradigm
12. What´s Wrong with Objectivist Metaphysics
13. What´s Wrong with Objectivist Cognition
14. The Formalist Enterprise
15. Putnam´s Theorem
16. A New Realism
17. Cognitive Semantics
18. Whorf and Relativism
19. The Mind-As-Machine Paradigm
20. Mathematics as a Cognitive Activity
21. Overview
Book II: Case Studies
1. Anger
2. Over
3. There-Constructions
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