Conversion: Old Worlds and New

Conversion: Old Worlds and New

Editorial: Rochester

Páginas: 276

Año: 2003

EAN: 9781580461238

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The historical settings in this collection range from C13 England to C16 Southern India and Andean Peru, and from Bohemia to late-colonial Zimbabwe and modern India. The writers aim to spark new thinking about religious conversions, cultural appropriations and interactive emergence across fields. This is a companion volume to "Conversion in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages"; one of the two volumes from Princeton´s Shelby Cullom Davis Center´s yearly seminar.
Contents: Conversion and compromise in the early 15th century, Flint and Van Engen; "To the point of shedding your blood" - the Bible, communities of faith, and martyrs´ resistance to conversion in the Reformation era, Gregory; translating Christianity - counter-Reformation Europe and the Catholic mission in China, 1580-1780, Po-Chia Hsia;twisting a pagan tongue - Portuguese and Tamil in 16th-century Jesuit translations, Zupanov; converting the ancestors - indirect rule, settlement consolidstion, and the struggle over burial in colonial Peru, 1532-1614, Gose; conversion and identity - Iroquois Christianity in 17th century New France, Greer; object lessons - fetishism and the hierarchies of race and religion, Murray;"To see inside of an Indian" - missionaries and Dakotas in the Minnnesota borderlands, Isenberg; tickets, concerts and school fees - money and New Christian communities in colonial Zimbabwe, Summers; literacy in the eye of India´s conversion story, Viswanathan.