The Story of Art

The Story of Art

Editorial: Phaidon

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Año: 2006

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Introduction - On art and artists / Strange Beginnings; Ancient America / Art for Eternity / The Great Awakening/ The Realm of Beauty/ World Conquerors/ A Parting of Ways / Looking Eastwards/ Western Art in the Melting Pot/ The Church Militant/ The Church Triumphant/ Courtiers and Burghers/ The Conquest of Reality/ Tradition and Innovation The later fifteenth century in Italy / Tradition and Innovation II/ Harmony Attained / Light and Colour/ The New Learning Spreads / A Crisis of Art/ Vision and Visions / The Mirror of Nature/ Power and Glory I/ Power and Glory II, Germany and Austria/ The Age of Reason/ The Break in Tradition/ Permanent Revolution/ In Search of New Standards/ Experimental Art/ A Story Without End/ Another turning of the tide / The changing past/ A note on art books / Chronological charts / List of illustrations by location / Detailed list of illustrations / Index and glossary /