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Año: 2016

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The point where an underground spring suddenly bursts to the surface is known as an eye. It is a place of mystery, where dry ground becomes soaked with life-giving water, and nature gives us a glimpse of all that happens out of the realm of human vision. So begins William Gass´s latest collection, with these evocative lines from Jan DeBlieu. What follows are six extraordinary works of fiction: stories and novellas that capture these moments of mystery and explore the hidden philosophical depths of everyday life as only Gass can. "Charity" examines the roles of asking, giving, and receiving through the prism of a young lawyer who offers a simple gift. "In Camera" takes us into a photography shop owner´s incomparable collection of images. "Don´t Even Try, Sam" gives us the voice of the prop piano from Casablanca, and "Soliloquy for a Chair" is narrated by a folding chair in a barbershop that is ultimately fated for destruction. Incisive, darkly funny, formally innovative and linguistically stunning, Eyes is a tour de force of modern fiction...