Henri Cartier-Bresson in China. 1948-1949. 1958

Henri Cartier-Bresson in China. 1948-1949. 1958

Editorial: Thames

Páginas: 288

Año: 2019

EAN: 9780500545188

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In December 1948, Henri Cartier-Bresson travelled to China at the request of Life magazine. He stayed for ten months and captured some of the most spectacular moments in China´s history: he photographed Beijing in ´the last days of the Kuomintang´, and then headed back to Shanghai, where he recorded the new regime´s takeover. Moreover, in 1958, Henri Cartier-Bresson was one of the first Western photographers to go back to China to explore the changes that had occurred over the preceding decade. The ´picture stories´ he sent to Magnum and Life on a regular basis played a key role in Westerners´ understanding of Chinese political events. Many of these images are among the most significant photographs in Cartier-Bresson´s oeuvre; his empathy with the populace and sense of responsibility as a witness making them an important part of his legacy. Henri Cartier-Bresson in China allows these photographs to be re-examined along with all of the documents that were preserved: the photographer´s captions and comments, contact sheets and abundant correspondence, as well as the published versions that appeared in both American and European magazines. A welcome addition to any photography lover´s bookshelf, this is an exciting new volume on one of the 20th century´s most important photographers.
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