Widespread panic

Widespread panic

Editorial: Random Usa

Páginas: 318

Año: 2021

EAN: 9780593320310

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Freddy Otash is the man in the know and the man to know in ´50s L.A. He operates with two simple rules -- he´ll do anything but commit murder, and he´ll never work with the commies. Freddy is an ex-L.A. cop on the skids. He snuffed a cop killer in cold blood -- and it got to him bad. So Chief William H. Parker canned him. Now, he´s a sleazoid private eye, a shakedown artist, a pimp -- and, most notably -- the head strongarm goon for Confidential magazine. Confidential presaged the idiot internet -- and delivered the dirt, the dish, the insidious ink and the scurrilous skank on the feckless foibles of misanthropic movie stars, sex-soiled socialites, and potzo politicians. Freaky Freddy outs them all! In Widespread Panic, we traverse the depths of ´50s L.A. and dig on the inner workings of Confidential. You´ll go to Burt Lancaster´s lushly appointed torture den... You´ll groove overhyped legend James Dean as Freddy´s chief stooge... You´ll be there for Freddy´s ring-a-ding rendezvous with Liz Taylor... You´ll be front and center as Freddy anoints himself the "Tattle Tyrant Who Held Hollywood Hostage."