The Tao of Bowie

The Tao of Bowie

Editorial: Atlantic

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Año: 2021

EAN: 9781911630869

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A unique take on mindfulness meditation and meaning filtered through the life and work of David Bowie. Buddhism was central to David Bowie´s life but he was a wide-ranging thinker who also drew meaning from other sources including Jungian psychology, Nietzschean philosophy and Gnosticism. The Tao of Bowie condenses these concepts - the ideas that inspired and supported Bowie throughout his life and career - into ten powerful lessons each with a series of exercises meditations and techniques to encourage readers to apply these learnings to their own lives. The Tao of Bowie will help readers understand who they really are clarify their purpose in life manage their emotions and cope with setbacks and change. This fresh approach to the search for spirituality and happiness unites the perennial human quest for answers with the extraordinary mind and unique career of one of the most important cultural figures of the past half-century.