Our mutual friend

Our mutual friend

Prólogo: G. K. Chesterton

Editorial: Penguin

Páginas: 996

Año: 2012

EAN: 9780141199801

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Our Mutual Friend centres on an inheritance - Old Harmon´s profitable dust heaps - and its legatees, young John Harmon, presumed drowned when a body is pulled out of the River Thames, and kindly dustman Mr Boffin, to whom the fortune defaults. With brilliant satire, Dickens portrays a dark, macabre London, inhabited by such disparate characters as Gaffer Hexam, scavenging the river for corpses; enchanting, mercenary Bella Wilfer; the social climbing Veneerings; and the unscrupulous street-trader Silas Wegg. The novel is richly symbolic in its vision of death and renewal in a city dominated by the fetid Thames, and the corrupting power of money...