Infinitely demanding

Infinitely demanding

Editorial: Verso

Páginas: 164

Año: 2007

EAN: 9781844671212

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This work talks about a new political ethics that confronts and faces down the injustices of the present. "Infinitely Demanding" is the clearest, boldest and most systematic statement of Simon Critchley´s influential views on philosophy, ethics and politics. Part diagnosis of the times, part theoretical analysis of the impasses and possibilities of ethics and politics, part manifesto, "Infinitely Demanding" identifies a massive political disappointment at the heart of liberal democracy and argues that what is called for is an ethics of commitment that can inform a radical politics. Exploring the problem of ethics in Kant, Levinas, Badiou and Lacan that leads to a conception of subjectivity based on the infinite responsibility of an ethical demand, Critchley considers the possibility of political subjectivity and action after Marx and Marxism. "Infinitely Demanding" culminates in an argument for anarchism as an ethical practice and a re-motivating means of political organization.