Altermodern. Tate Triennal 2009

Altermodern. Tate Triennal 2009

Editorial: Tate

Páginas: 224

Año: 2009

EAN: 9781854378170

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The term ´Altermodern´ describes art made in a global context which is a reaction against cultural standardisation and commercialisation. This book focuses on each of the four main facets of the Altermodern; it defines these as the end of postmodernism; cultural hybridisation; travelling as a way to produce forms; and the expanding formats of art.

Book and exhibition will feature work by artists, both established and emerging, who are either British or working in Britain, as well as others who are merely ´passing through´. It will contain new interviews with artists featured in the exhibition on themes contained within the concept of Altermodern. The book will be as visually striking as it is intellectually challenging, bringing news from the cutting edge of contemporary art and thought.