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Brouwer, Joke (Ed.)

Dick Raaijmakers

  • Editorial: Nai Publishers
  • Páginas: 447
  • Año: 2008
  • Precio: 80.65 €
  • EAN: 9789056626006

Dick Raaymakers (1930) is widely recognized as one of the founders of Dutch electronic music in the 1950s, and as a multimedia artist he was way ahead of his time. Dick Raaymakers´ works and installations as well as his music and theater performances are so original that they are unique in the world. His influence on colleagues of his own generation but especially on younger generations of artists cannot be overestimated.

The English edition of the 2007 complete monograph about this striking artist, covering the breadth and depth of his work, is now available. The 450 page, richly illustrated book offers insight into Raaymakers´ work methods, thought processes and motivation and is a must-have reference work. This overview is complemented by a number of essays by experts from the world of music and theater, such as Elmer Schönberger, Frans Evers, Kees Tazelaar, Michael van Hoogenhuyze and Paul Slangen. Together with V2_Institute for the Unstable Media, Dick Raaymakers has been digging through his personal archive for two years in order to track down the first sketches, correspondence, final concepts and often intense collaborations and performances of all of his works. This does not only offer an insight into the work of Dick Raaymakers, but into a major part of Dutch postwar art as well.

The Dick Raaymakers monograph is a book that should be in the collection of every lover of electronic music, theater, art and performance.

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