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Moon, Beth

Between Earth & Sky

  • Editorial: Charta Milan
  • Año: 2013
  • Precio: 32.00 €
  • EAN: 9788881588749

Italiano e Inglés //
This is a magnificently illustrated look at the unique work of photographer Beth Moon. Beth Moon demonstrates a magical and intuitive appreciation for the ways in which time, memory and nature define our understanding of man´s place in the universe. This book presents five major series of works produced since 1999: Portraits of Time ancient and legendary trees from around the world: Thy Kingdom Come where totem-like beliefs connect man to animal; Odin´s Cove a story of a pair of mated ravens in the wild; The Savage Garden the sinister beauty of carnivorous plants, and Augurs and Soothsayers portrait-style photographs of exotic chickens. This first monograph reveals the unique way in which Moon approaches her subjects - somewhere between science and spirit, yet grounded in reality.

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