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Page Unlimited: nuevo diseño editorial

  • Editorial: Promopress
  • Páginas: 256
  • Año: 2011
  • Precio: 44.00 €
  • EAN: 9788492810246


A comprehensive and accessible guide to page design for students and experienced designers alike, ´Page Unlimited´ reviews in-depth creative approaches to page building, structure, organization and type. It addresses the pivotal relationship between text, images, form and design and reveals the key creative techniques to lend maximum visual impact, personality and meaning to a piece. Effective, clear and intuitive layout is essential to communication and enables the reader to engage with and process visual information. With the emergence of an increasingly design-literate consumer, designers have to create innovative, eyecatching material to meet the demands of a more sophisticated target audience. ´Page Unlimited´ showcases a striking selection of the most unique and accomplished projects from the most design-forward studios across the globe. Generously illustrated with real-life examples and featuring interviews with influential practioners and publishers, it examines a wide variety of dynamic layouts. From manuals, corporate brochures and theatre programmes to magazines, catalogues and fold-out flyers, it analyzes in detail the most distinctive elements of each publication, explaining both the technical and creative process involved in the design. This book explores more unusual creative solutions and concepts in constructing layouts and encourages designers to think ´out of the box´ in terms of form, text, typography, colour, graphics and visuals. This title offers a thorough survey of current editorial design and directional trends in visual communication and printed literature, showing outstanding work by leading design studios.

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