Music here, Music there. Exchanges in performance art

Music here, Music there. Exchanges in performance art

Editorial: Schlebrügge Editor

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Año: 2011

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The publication reflects on the exchange of the artists Andrei Andrianov & Amanda Piña, Olga Dukhovnaja & Robert Steijn, Natalia Pershina-Yakimanskaya (aka Gluklya), & Thomas Kasebacher, Philipp Grigoryan & Jeannie Mayr, Maxim Ilyukhin & Michikazu Matsune, Andrey Smirnov & Anne Juren, Patrick K.-H. & Burkhard Stangl, Andrey Kuzkin & Billy Roisz and Alexandra Poldi & Markus Schinwald which took place in November/December 2010 at co-production house brut in Vienna. The artists worked for ten days as duo teams on site-specific performance projects which were presented in a two-day programme all over the brut venue in Vienna´s Künstlerhaus.
The exchange is based on the idea of collaborative practice amongst artists as a possibility to develop new strategies of artistic production, to get inspired by the unknown other and to work on cultural differences.
Texts in English and Russian.