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Richard Long: Prints 1970-2013

  • Editorial: Walther König
  • Páginas: 200
  • Año: 2013
  • Precio: 17.45 €
  • EAN: 9783863353650

For over 40 years Long he has been creating outdoor artworks throughout the world, using the movement of his own body, the act of walking through different landscapes, as the scale and medium for his art. Richard Long creates temporary sculptures in the landscape, which he then photographs before leaving them exposed to the elements or the tides. The materials used, such as stones, pebbles or driftwood, are found in situ and assembled by him into distinct geometric forms such as circles, lines or ellipses. Long´s artistic oeuvre – encompassing sculpture, painting, photography and printmaking – is characterised by a direct integration of the landscape, his own physical presence and movement, and the incorporation of time as a fourth dimension.
In this exhibition, which is an cooperation between Kurhaus Kleve and the Hamburger Kunsthalle, all the prints created by Richard Long between 1970 and 2013 are being exhibited together for the first time.

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