Kurt Schwitters. Marz Art

Kurt Schwitters. Marz Art

FichaTextoEditorial Hirmer Verlag Munchen

FichaTextoAno 2020

FichaTextoEan 9783777434469



A visual artist as well as a writer, Kurt Schwitters belongs among the most influential protagonists of the European avant-garde. One hundred years ago he designated the syllable "Merz" as the word-brand for his one-man movement, aiming for the "fusion of art and non-art" with his pioneering utopia of the "Merz Total World Image". He employed supposedly worthless, trivial objects and words to nail together assemblages, compose collages and compile texts whose provocative power is still palpable today.
This book presents Schwitter´s Merz art drawing on current research among the extensive holdings in the artist´s estate.

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