Re-Thinking Kirchner

Re-Thinking Kirchner

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FichaTextoAno 2020

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A major conference was heldin 2018 in Davos, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner´s elective home, to mark the 80thanniversary of the artist´s death. The lavishly illustrated volume accompanying the event brings together international experts who present their approach to Kirchner´s creative work, thereby providing a multi-faceted overview of an oeuvre that has lost none of its topicality to this day. The area of focus of the first international, interdisciplinary conference on Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, one of the most important artist personalities of the twentieth century, lay on fundamental questions of his artistry as well as a study of his approach to his work and the artistic process. Kirchner´s work is discussed against a background of art-historical, socio-cultural and historical contexts. His interest in and study of non-European cultures, literature, philosophy, art criticism and the role of the artist provide new and exciting points of contact for today´s art-theoretical and art-critical observations.