Built Towards the Light

Built Towards the Light

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The interior of the Church of St Moritz in Augsburg is characterised by "arches that seem to have been carved of light". The building is almost 1,000 years old and its redesign in 2013 by the architect John Pawson has won a number of awards. It is an outstanding example of modern religious architecture in a historic setting. This volume presents this unique church for the first time in texts and high - quality photographs. Inspired by the sober and yet noble clarity of early Cistercian buildings in France, John Pawson created an interior in which the visitor is immediately captivated by the atmospheric aesthetic of the light and the uncompromising minimalism. In the opinion of the architect, the light symbolises "the physical presence of the Divine" and inspires to the contemplation of God. The emptiness of the white wall surfaces is thereby interrupted only by the skilful new presentation of the historical sculptural decoration. Impressive photographs with many details and surprising perspectives show the Moritzkirche as a masterpiece of contemporary religious architecture.