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Dietrich, Lisa (ed.)

Territories. From Landscape to the city

  • Editorial: Birkhauser Verlag
  • Páginas: 200
  • Año: 2008
  • Precio: 66.05 €
  • EAN: 9783764388874

Landscape architecture is a discipline that can bring order to the chaos of contemporary urbanism. It can also give shape and structure to the dispersed city, offering solid answers wherever the debate over the cityterritory and urban sprawl – with good reason – looks set to monopolize the attention of urbanists and architects for a long time to come. As yet, there are very few landscape architecture agencies in Europe that are both deeply involved in the territory and committed to a clear method of work. This book examines the international projects of Agence Ter in urban territories, demonstrating the three fundamental postulates embodied in the work of partners Henri Bava, Michel Hoessler and Olivier Philippe. These postulates consist ofcomprehending the landscape’s multiple horizons, developingplans for urban insertion within territories inmotion, and creating open source systems.Parc des Cormailles, Ivry-sur-Seine, France Cayenne Island, French Guyana, France The fl oating garden at Canary Wharf, London,United Kingdom

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