DAS ANDERE. Adolf loos

DAS ANDERE. Adolf loos

Editorial: Lars Müller

Páginas: 36

Año: 2016

EAN: 9783037784815

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In 1903, Adolf Loos edited the journal Das Andere – Ein Blatt zur Einführung abendländischer Kunst inÖsterreich, in which he expressed his thoughts on, and theories of, contemporary architecture, fashion, and design. The publication was born out of Loos’ aversion to a superficial aestheticization of life in Austria, which he saw embodied by the “Wiener Secession” and later on “Wiener Werkstätte” and “Werkbund”. As acounterbalance, in Das Andere he showed his admiration especially for the fashion and culture of England andAmerica. Contemporary advertisements on these subjects were included in the journal, which ran for just two issues. Beatriz Colomina supplements the reprint of Das Andere with an extensive commentary.