Symbols of time in the History of Art

Symbols of time in the History of Art

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Symbols of time in the history of art: introduction; Small physiscal theory: the trickling past of early Netherlandish painting; "From time immemorial": historicism in the court art of Benin, Nigeria; Andrea Mantegna´s grisaille painting: colou methamorphosis as a metaphor of history; An early christian construction of time: salvation history in the catacomb of Callistus in Rome; Notions of past and future in the Italian Renaissance arts and letters; Time and tide wait for no man; a Vitorian apocalypse; Faces in time: temporalities of the sitter in Renaissance portraits; Goede Dingen Willen Tijt Hebben; Time as a meditation on painting in Dutch still life of the seventeenth century; Figures du temps au siècle de l´historie; Death and praxis in the funerary architecture of Mamluk Cairo; The symbols of seasonal changes from winter to spring in east Asian paintings; "the hour of the enigma": the phenomenal temporality in the methapsysical painting of Giorgio de Chirico.

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