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LA Forum Reader

  • Editorial: Actar
  • Páginas: 255
  • Año: 2019
  • Precio: 30.00 €
  • EAN: 9781945150999


  • La Central de CallaoCon existencias
  • La Central del Museo Reina SofíaCon existencias
  • La Central del MUHBACon existencias
  • La Central del RavalCon existencias
  • La Central (c/Mallorca)4 / 5 días

The "LA Forum Reader" brings together three decades of discursive writings and publications on architecture, urbanism, and Los Angeles culled from the archives of the Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design. Published under thematic sections: Experiments, Detours, Hunches, and Santa Anas, with interludes dedicated to Art and Architecture, Downtown, and the long-running LA Forum Newsletter, the collected essays and interviews track an uneven and lesser-known history of experimental architecture, postmodern geographies, and alternative urbanism in L.A. as told by the city´s key designers and thinkers. Today, Los Angeles is a major architectural and urban player, but for decades the city was dismissed suburban and centerless. In republishing three decades of material on architecture and design in Los Angeles, the "LA Forum Reader" reclaims and reconsiders the city´s architectural and discursive histories. It establishes, or reestablishes, a textual context for critical experimentation and urban investigation. This anthology includes essays, interviews, and reproductions of publications that have long been out of print, including pamphlets by Craig Hodgetts and Margaret Crawford, as well as early writings by Aaron Betsky and John Chase. A critically important and unique contribution to the subject, "LA Forum Reader" is an impressively informative and unreservedly recommended contribution to professional, college, and university library Architectural History collections and supplemental studies reading lists. --Midwest Book Review "As as well as assembling articles from the 30 years of the Forum, the Reader offers character studies on the complexity of Los Angeles. The 27 articles cover experiments, detours, hunches, and Santa Anas. Among specific topics are Los Angeles and the L. A. School, the giant revolving (winking) chicken head and the doggie drinking fountain, cathedrals of the culture industry, on Broadway: downtown Los Angeles, on anything but the an interview with Mike Davis, and mock up: the persistence of beige." --ProtoView "The LA Forum for Architecture and Urban Design has offered a critical look at the city of Los Angeles since the late 80´s. The nonprofit has been providing public programming, exhibitions, and publications through its ever-shifting board of directors and volunteer contributors. To celebrate this 30-year milestone, the Forum has carefully selected a collection of pieces published from its origin to today, and has published these in a book under the themes of Experiments, Detours, Hunches, and Santa Anas." --Archinect "Driving across Los Angeles can be a surreal experience. For miles and miles, you pass the same gas stations, supermarkets, and mini-malls--have you even moved at all? Then, without warning, you come upon the Pacific Ocean, oil fields, Walt Disney Concert Hall, or some tiny airstrip. The LA Forum Reader is a similarly surprising and eclectic experience: It strings together some 26 essays and articles sourced from the 30-year-old nonprofit´s publication. These thoroughly academic writings (generally no more than 10 pages each) cover taco trucks, crime-influenced architectural design, sprawl urbanism, and everything in between. Contributors include Aaron Betsky, Sylvia Lavin, Mimi Zieger, and Craig Hodgetts, just to name a few." --Metropolis Magazine

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