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Capa, Robert

Heart of Spain: Robert Capa´s Photographs of the Spanish Civil War

  • Editorial: Aperture
  • Páginas: 200
  • Año: 1999
  • Precio: 32.45 €
  • EAN: 9781931788021

Robert Capa (Budapest, 1913 - Thai Binh, Vietnam, 1954), pseudonym of André Friedmann Ernö is recognised very early in his career as the greatest war photographer in the world, as noted by the article in Picture Post (no. 10, December 3, 1938), because of the publication of one of the most outstanding photographic reports on the Spanish Civil War. His political activism during his youth becomes a commitment to verify the reduction of the cultural, social and economic practices both in his country and in Germany, where he settles in 1931 and which he leaves two years later. His Jewishness, his ideological affinity with the Communist Party and his anarchist tendencies lead him to a voluntary exile and to dedicate his budding career as a reporter to serve the struggle against fascism. During the period of the Civil War -which he covered from the Republican side- Capa converts the conflict into an absolute motive, always visible on a huge number of negatives and photographs. This exhibition presents a comprehensive set of 205 prints donated by Cornell Capa, brother of the photographer, out of nearly a thousand almost better shots taken by him during the Spanish war. In addition the twenty or so photographs from the National Historical Archive, Civil War Section, complete the display of images documenting the staging and extent of the immediate consequences of the war (destruction, death, land and air attacks, rest time, trenches and shelters, evacuation, exile).

Authors: Juan Pablo Fusi Aizpúrua, Richard Whelan, Catherine Coleman

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