Passion, plants and patronage

Passion, plants and patronage

Editorial: Artifice

Páginas: 192

Año: 2013

EAN: 9781908967022

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Passion Plants and Patronage takes readers on a luscious voyage through three centuries of Bute family commissioned gardens. Art, architecture and landscape have come together under the generous patronage of the Butes and, today, their commissions rank amongst the jewels of British national heritage. From the enlightenment view of gardens as repositories of botanic knowledge, to the current tradition of contemporary art patronage, this volume celebrates the Bute family´s commitment to the pursuit of culture and nature in their gardens through the generations. Kristina Taylor and Robert Peel are both experts in the heritage and conservation of gardens. This volume is the culmination of years of research and offers a rich and fascinating insight into the commissions, contexts and ´lives´ of Bute landscapes, in a language that is both informed and informal. From Dumfries House, Falkland, Luton, Cardiff, Highcliffe and Kew Gardens through to St John´s Lodge in London´s Regent´s Park, a wealth of visual documentation eloquently complements their essays, affording a truly privileged view into the beautiful gardens of the Bute family from the eighteenth century to today.