For ever Godard

For ever Godard

Editorial: Black Dog & Leventhal

Páginas: 461

Año: 2007

EAN: 9781904772828

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For over 50 years now, Jean-Luc Godard´s work in cinema and video has innovated, provoked and inspired. Since the completion in 1998 of Histoire(s) du cinima, Godard has featured strongly in debates about audiovisual art and culture, especially regarding questions of historical memory, technological change, and the future of cinema in all its forms. This historical moment provides the perfect opportunity for a critical reassessment and redefinition of Godard´s entire corpus and its key role within contemporary culture. With 22 lavishly illustrated chapters, as well as a photo essay and visual filmography, For Ever Godard aims to do critical justice to the full sweep of Godard´s artistic interests and preoccupations. The volume presents material by scholars and practitioners from film and media studies, art history, musicology, philosophy and aesthetics, museum studies, French studies, European history, cultural studies, and feminism and gender studies. As an important marker of current methodologies, research and practice across these different disciplinary areas, For Ever Godard is an invaluable resource and of major importance to current discourses and debates on cinema and visual culture.