Sadler´s Well´s

Sadler´s Well´s

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Sadler´s Wells is the world´s leading Dance House. Sadler´s Wells has developed new audiences for dance, this powerful and emotive art, for performances shown within its theatre spaces and outside - in fact around the world. What makes Sadler´s Wells different is its determination to nurture world class artists like Akram Khan, Sylvie Guillem, Wayne McGregor, Matthew Bourne, Jasmin Vardimon, the Ballet Boyz and Hofesh Shechter, using its unique vision, style and creativity to put together choreographers, dancers, lighting and stage designers, composers and other artists to make dance that is wildly exciting, new and different. Sadler´s Wells Dance House looks at the making of some of the most iconic dance works of this century and into the mix of dancers, choreographers and creators Sadler´s Wells has helped inspire. Including insightful analysis of this phenomenon by Sarah Crompton, arts editor in chief and dance critic for the Sunday Telegraph, and colour photographs of many of those works, Sadler´s Wells Dance House gives a clear view both of the creative process of the Sadler´s Wells artists and of the role this legendary theatre has played in remaking and reshaping dance for the 21st century.