The Origin of Empire

The Origin of Empire

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Rome from the Republic to Hadrian (264 BC-138 AD)

In 264 BC, a Roman army was poised to cross from southern Italy into Sicily. They couldn´t know that this crossing would be Rome´s first step on its journey from local republic to vast and powerful empire. At the beginning of the three dramatic centuries that make up this book´s narrative, Rome had no emperor and limited global influence; by the book´s end, Hadrian was set to pass into history as one of the greatest emperors, whose territories stretched from England to Turkey.
In David Potter´s masterful history of this period, we trace the process of cultural, political and civic transformation which led to the creation of a monarchy and the acquisition of territory, via wars with Hannibal, the destruction of Carthage, Augustan Empire-building and Hadrian´s famous wall, all of which contributed to the most successful multi-cultural state in the history of Europe. This is a lively, scholarly approach to an essential era.