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Trentmann, Frank (ed.)

The making of the consumer, Knowledge, power and identity in the modern world

  • Editorial: Berg
  • Páginas: 318
  • Año: 2006
  • Precio: 34.00 €
  • EAN: 9781845202491

1. Frank Trentmann: Knowing Consumers. Histories, Identities, Practices: An Introduction. 2. Donald Winch: The Problematic Status of the Consumer in Orthodox Economic Thought. 3. Frank Trentmann and Vanessa Taylor: From Users to Consumers: Water Politics in Nineteenth-Century London. 4. Marie-Emmanuelle Chessel: Women and the Ethics of Consumption in France at the Turn of the Twentieth Century: The "Ligue Sociale d´Acheteurs". 5. Michelle Everson: Legal Constructions of the Consumer. 6. Erika Rappaport: Packaging China: Foreign Articles and Dangerous Tastes in the Mid-Vicorian Tea Party. 7. Uwe Spiekermann: from Neighbour to Comsumer: The Transformations of Retailer-Consumer Relationships in Twentieth-Century Germany. 8. Jos Gamble: Consumer with Chinese Characteristics? Local Customers in British and Japanese Multinational Stores in Contemporary China. 9. Stephen Kline: A Becoming Subject: Consumer Socialization in Mediated Marketplace. 10. Frank Mort: Competing Domains: Democratic Subjects and Consuming Subjects in Britain and the United States since 1945. 11. Ina Merkel: From Stigma to Cult: Changing Meanings in East German Consumer Culture. 12. James G. Carrier: The Limits of Culture: Political Economy and the Anthropology of Consumption. 13. Ben Fine: Addressing the Consumer.

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