Planet Dialectics: Explorations in Environment and Development

Planet Dialectics: Explorations in Environment and Development


Traducción: French

Editorial: Zed

Páginas: 272

Año: 2015

EAN: 9781783603404

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All effects of human action will inevitably be played out within our planet´s limits; any hope of infinity is an illusion. And yet, as Wolfgang Sachs warned almost twenty years ago, environmental concerns have been assimilated into the rhetoric, dynamics and power structures of development. This classic collection of trenchant and elegant explorationsaddresses the crisis of the Western world´s relations with nature and social justice. Examining the notions of efficiency, speed, globalization and development, Sachs shows that sustainability, truly conceived, is incompatible with the worldwide rule of economism. Planet Dialectics reveals that the Western development model is fundamentally at odds with both the quest for justice among the world´s people and the aspiration to reconcile humanity and nature.