Fourteen Stories, None of Them Are Yours

Fourteen Stories, None of Them Are Yours

Editorial: Northwestern UP

Páginas: 167

Año: 2015

EAN: 9781573661805

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In this dazzling debut about life after loss, Luke B. Goebel´s heart-hurt, ultra-adrenalized alter ego, H. Roc, leads us on a raucous RV romp across what´s left of postmodern America and beyond. Whether it´s gobbling magic cacti at a native ceremony in Northern California, burning bad manuscripts in a backyard bonfire in East Texas, or travelling at top speed to an infamous editor´s office in Manhattan (with a burnt-out barista and an illegal bald eagle as companions), scene by scene, story by story, Goebel plunges us into a madly original fictional realm characterized by heartbroken psychedelic cowboys on the brink - lonely men who wrestle wild dogs on cheap beaches and kick horses in the face to get ahead...