Psychoanalysis and the Image : Transdisciplinary Perspectives

Psychoanalysis and the Image : Transdisciplinary Perspectives

Editorial: Blackwell

Páginas: 247

Año: 2006

EAN: 9781405134613

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"Psychoanalysis and the Image" brings together an influential team of international scholars to use psychoanalytical resources in the study of international modern art and visual representation. Beginning with a substantial introduction by the editor, the volume covers a range of psychoanalytic concepts, including melancholia, trauma, sexuality, the dream and femininity. Fresh, creative, and passionate about its subjects, "Psychoanalysis and the Image" advances methodological debates in theoretically enriched histories of art while offering closely-read visual analyses of significant works of international twentieth-century art. It teaches theory in practice while enabling general readers to learn about psychoanalysis through their interest in the visual arts.
Contents: Introduction: Griselda Pollock (Leeds) The Archaeological Metaphor in Freud´s Thinking: The Psychoanalytical Turn and its Potential for Rethinking Art´s Histories Classic Modernists Reviewed1. Young Paik Park Chun (Hong Ik University, Seoul): Cezanne´s Portraits and Melancholia 2. David Lomas (Manchester): Dead Fathers and Repentant Sons: Picasso and the rappel a l´ordre 3. Griselda Pollock (Leeds): Visions of Sex: Body, Authorship and Modernism Abstraction: History and Trauma 4. Izumi Nakajima (Tokyo): Yayoi Kusama between Abstraction and Pathology 5. Nicole Schweizer (curator, Zurich): Inscriptions in Art History Reading Eva Aeppli´s Figures 6. Alison Rowley (Ulster): Bridget Riley´s Winter Palace Mater and Genealogy 7. Adriana Cerne (Leeds): Letters to the Mother: Mother Daughter Relations in Chantal Akerman´s News from Home 8. Anna Johnson (Warwick) Visible Latency: Bracha Lichtenberg Ettinger and the sublimeTrauma and the Scenes of Memory9 Bracha Lichtenberg Ettinger Plaiting a being in severality and the primal scene; Reading Duras´ The Ravishment of Lol V Stein 10. Karyn Ball (Alberta): Diaspora without Resistance? Theresa Kyung Cha´s Dictee and the Law of Genre Sceptical Conclusions 11. Mieke Bal (Amsterdam) "Dreaming Art"