Cunneen, Joseph

Robert Bresson: A Spirtual Style in Film

A demanding artist who respects his audience
Bresson before Bresson: Angels of Sin and The Ladies of the Bois de Boulogne
"All is grace"-The Diary of a Country Priest
The spirit blows through prison: A Man Escaped
A ballet of hands: Pickpocket
A Saint Jousts with her judges: The Trial of Joan of Arc
The donkey as witness: Au Hasard Balthasar
The purity of rebellion: Mouchette
Marriage without communication: A Gentle Woman
The education of a romantic: For Nights of a Dreamer
The end of knighthood: Lancelot of the Lake
Apocalypse Now: The Devil Probably
A murderous rage for money: L´Argent
Images in a certain order
Bresson films in America

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