Brush, Kathryn

Artistic integration in Gothic buildings

  • Editorial: Uni.Toronto Press
  • Páginas: 348
  • Año: 2000
  • Precio: 24.83 €
  • Prólogo: Michael M. Sheehan
  • EAN: 9780802074775

Integration: A closed or open proposal?; Integration os segregation among disciplines? The historiography of gothic sculpture as case-study; From admirable tabernacle to the house of God: some theological reflections on medieval architectural integration:; Liturgy and the monument; Durham cathedral in the gothic era: liturgy, design, ornament; Suger´s "completion" of Saint-Denis; "The recollection of the past is the promise of the future" Continuity and contextruallity: Saint-Denis, Merovinginas, capetians, and Paris; Interpreting the architecture of Wells cathedral; Chartres cathedral as a work of artistic integration: methodological reflections; Integrated fragments and the unintegrated whole: scattered examples from Reims, Strasbourg, Chartres and Naumburg; The architectural and glazing context of Poitiers cathedral: a reassessment of integration; The Sainte-Chapelle as a capetian political program; Artistic integration inside the cathedral precinct: social consensusoutside?; Form as social process; Artisic integration in gothic buildings: a post-modern construct?; Towards a cultural biography of the gothic cathedral: reflections on history and art history.

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